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If you want to take a photo - a worthy place in Staunton, VA that has stood the test of time - look no further than this historic brick hotel. Rest assured, it has as much history as art, and there is a huge mural proclaiming: "I belong here. From this vantage point you can also admire a number of other historic buildings, such as the Olde Towne Hotel.

Another fun thing about Woodrow Park is that part of the film Hearts of Atlantis with Anthony Hopkins was shot there and is still in cinemas today.

Dorothea Dix visited the Old Western State Hospital and worked closely with Thomas Jefferson and his wife Mary Jane in the 19th century. This is a great reminder that Thomas Jefferson was not too far from Virginia, but was not with them all the time. The artist who created this work was born in Scotland and moved to Staunton, VA with her parents when she was 7.

I often travel around the area and often see the landscape in front of me, as it is printed, framed or hung on the wall. I hit the nail on the head when I lovingly joked that the architecture of Staunton city centre feels like a kind of "European city" interwoven in an area.

The second thing I learned is how photoworthy the places in Staunton are for this beautiful city of 24,000 people. I could post photos of the city centre and the main street, but I prefer to leave the rest of this city to discover it.

Many Virginia artists join the Co-op and open their own galleries to showcase their work, and many of the artists on display are award winners. Strolling through historic downtown Waynesboro, more than 150 artists make their way to Staunton Art Gallery. Artists from all over the region can apply for the opportunity to show and sell their handmade jewelry, ceramics, paintings and other artworks. Each brings something different to this gallery, from handmade jewelry and handbags to art prints, sculptures and more.

This is by no means a traditional gallery, but if you're looking for a different kind of experience or are a fan of comics, it's worth a stop. Art galleries abound in Staunton, with works that will satisfy pretty much any art connoisseur. There is always something new to see at Larkin Arts, with galleries highlighting local history as well as artworks by local artists. With monthly exhibitions of wine and Riner galleries, there's something to see and do at Larkins Arts each month.

McGuffey is doing everything she can to invite the community to participate in the arts by hosting twice-weekly open figure sessions, where she invites them to engage volunteers and share their work. The Art Centre also helps to fill the gaps in the art education of children by offering art courses every Saturday in March. Art courses for adults can also fill the gap for those looking for a different kind of art experience for children and adults in Staunton, which is offered at different times.

The recently opened Prison Museum offers a special experience for those who want to visit artists in their prison cell. The quality of the jury objects changes every six weeks, and the quality and size of the exhibits changes with each visit.

Telegraph Art & Comics in Charlottesville, Virginia, is unique in this list because it is not only an art gallery with high-quality silkscreens by comic book artists, but also a retail comic book store. Over 1000 works by almost 100 artists are on display, including stained glass, ceramics, turned bowls and children's furniture and furniture. For over thirty years, co-op has presented a wide variety of works of art, from paintings, sculptures, stained glass, sculptures, prints, posters and more. And of course, more space is filled with a large collection of stained glass and other art objects from around the world.

The Border Culture Museum is a living museum of reformers who tell the stories of the thousands of people who emigrated to America and the life they created here, their art, their music and their food. The Grenzkulturmuseum has plans to expand, plans to build an arts and crafts village and a museum for art and art education for children.

The museum also includes the first African-American church, probably built by slaves of the emancipated generation. This Gothic style church was designed by architect TJ Collins and built in 1895 with a local green limestone facade. It was originally built in the 19th century and has a picturesque carved limestone façade and is decorated in Beaux Arts style.

Staunton is blessed with eclectic architecture that embraces a wide range of styles, from historic buildings to modern buildings and even some modern ones. Collins has designed over 200 buildings, two of which are the same, and it is a place of natural beauty that attracts many artists, businesses and creatives.

More About Staunton

More About Staunton