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STUNTON, Va. - Staunton Virginia, a traditional hotel with a new name and brand, will open in late spring 2018 as a locally existing, 49-room luxury boutique hotel. STAUNton, Virginia, the state's oldest hotel, was originally built in 1924 and rebuilt in 2005 after extensive renovations. The 49-room boutique hotel will open on the site of the former Western State Hospital, which was formerly part of the Western State Hospital.

When the building served as a prison, inmates were locked up on what is now the third floor of the hotel and in an open dome where guests could enjoy 360-degree views of Staunton. However, we did provide more space than we liked, such as separating the bathroom and bedroom from the top wall.

Each room offers all the comforts you could wish for, including a bedside lamp, a fridge with mineral water and a full-size bed.

For those unhappy souls who have been wandering the hotel corridors for ages, be aware that you can return home after your visit. After a stroll through downtown, head to the church for a 12-hour festival sponsored by the Shenandoah Valley Chamber of Commerce and St. Patrick's Episcopal Church. You can return to your hotel and dine in a cozy bistro on the building's sunny veranda or head downtown to sample a craft beer at Shenandroah Pizza and Tap House. The bistro winds down to an outdoor courtyard with a great view of the city and a beautiful sunset over the river.

The programme features vocal groups and instrumentalists performing on various instruments, including pipe organ and banjo. You will hear a piece for cello played on acoustic guitar, followed by a solo performance by a custom-made cellos and bansjos from the Shenandoah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Blackburn Inn will also work with local and regional artisans to showcase bold designs and accessories that blend in with Staunton's burgeoning art scene. Other notable design elements that pay homage to the history of Blackburn's Inn include the original heart - pine flooring that will flow through the hotel, the table design and Thomas Blackburn - inspired artwork on the walls.

For more information on hotel reservations, please call 540-885-4848 or visit the Staunton Virginia Hotel's website at www. Enjoy a special "Ask for a Take-24 promotion" for just $25 on your first two nights at Blackburn's Inn. This offer is subject to availability and is open to all guests of the hotel and its partners and subject to availability.

The seasonal menu includes a variety of seasonal dishes, including a seasonal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Come and get a special "Take 24" promotion for the first two nights at Blackburn's Inn at Staunton Virginia Hotel for just $25.

Prices for entree range from $21 for potatoes and rosemary nocchi to $25 for grilled New York strip steak and $20 for a plate of chicken wings. Hamburgers and hot dogs cost less than $3, while other dishes cost between $3 and more than $10, depending on the menu.

The reconstruction of the hotel rooms is a large project using brick and concrete walls with a thickness of 6 to 12 inches. Two of the 10 by 10 rooms date back to when the building was a hospital, and Peterson said he added a large guest room and a suite that consisted of three original rooms. He worked with an interior designer to restore the property to its true glory. The continental breakfast includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as brunch and lunch from $170.

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Other culinary highlights include the tea room in the lobby, which offers a wide selection of local and regional craft beers, wines and spirits. The property also features a large outdoor terrace with views of the Shenandoah River and the Virginia State Capitol. The outdoor seating area can accommodate up to 30 guests and there is an outdoor dining area with bar and lounge.

Zynodoa serves regional southern cuisine, including steaks, seafood and pasta, as well as a wide selection of local and regional craft beers, wines and spirits.

Staunton is about 150 miles southwest of the District, and the south is the city that Smithsonian Magazine named one of America's 10 most beautiful cities. The hotel is located just a short drive from the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia. Located on the south side of the city, the 24 South is ideal for a weekend getaway or an overnight stay for family, friends and family.

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More About Staunton